Welcome to Primal Planet Photography!

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Hello! and welcome to my newly launched portfolio and travel photography site, Primal Planet. 
I've been into photography for some years now, and what I love to do is combine it with my major interest in life, travels. Very original huh? 
Most people love to travel of course, and most people shoot some photos while they are out and about. Personally I usually plan my travels so that I can visit and experience the most stunning and beautiful landscapes on the planet. Standing there on top of mountains, in vast fields or deserts, or among the the ancient trees in old forests, that's when I feel truly alive, and I love it.

I'm mostly into landscape photography, but on this site you'll see some other kind of photography as well. Still considering myself a beginner in the field, I do experiment with different styles and approaches. 
I'm not a documentary photographer however, and the end result is what's important. I want to create visually pleasing images, using our primal nature as the raw material but refining the final results with Photoshop and other post processing software. 

During my travels I will also try to keep this blog alive, so you can get the stories behind the photos. 

I hope you will enjoy it! 

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