Primal Planet

I'm a landscape and travel photographer based in Uppsala, Sweden. My passion is dreaming about far away places, planning for long lasting trips and of course actually going there. I love nature and impressive landscapes, I like getting to know other cultures and it's people, and I always bring my camera with me on my travels to capture the most memorable moments. 

This is where I keep my portfolio, stuffed with high resolution photos for you to enjoy on a large screen. In my mind photos should be displayed as large as possible and in high quality. The way I see it I don't take photos, but I create images. The views in front of my lens is my raw material and with it I aim to create beautiful images infused with vibrant colors and great detail. I'm not a documentary photographer and I always have the end result in mind. 
This site is set up so that on the homepage you will find a matrix of all my images, with every new image popping up on the very top. Click on an image you like and you will arrive in a gallery where that particular image is stored. You can also just click the continent icons on the right side of the site. You get to read some information about each photo, and you can also find its meta data. 

I would love it if you left a comment on the photos, and if you have any questions don't hesitate to write to me using the contact form. 

Patriq Hansson

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